Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Customizing Dentrix Module Toolbars

Did you know that you can rearrange toolbar buttons in Dentrix? On each workstation, you can re-order the buttons into a configuration that makes sense for you. Keep in mind though, that customizing a toolbar only affects the workstation where the customization occurred—not any other workstations.

You can customize Dentrix toolbars in one of two ways, depending on the Dentrix module you are working in.

Customizing the Appointment Book, Family File, Ledger, or Office Manager Toolbars

  1. Right-click anywhere on the toolbar and select Customize Toolbar.

  2. This example is from the Appointment Book toolbar.

  3. The Customize Toolbar window is divided into two sections, Available Buttons (those not currently in use on the toolbar) and Toolbar Buttons (those currently in use). Do any of the following to customize the toolbar:
    • To remove a button from the toolbar, select an item in the Toolbar Buttons list and click the “<” button to move it to the Available Buttons list. 
    • To add a button to the toolbar, select an item in the Available Buttons list and click the “>” button to move it to the Toolbar Buttons list.
    • To rearrange the order in which a button appears on the toolbar, select an item in the list and click the Move Up or Move Down button until the selected item is in the position you want. Repeat this process for other buttons as needed.
    • To return the buttons to the module's default settings, click the Default button.
  4. Use Separators to set up groups of buttons:
    • To add a Separator, select the ---Separator--- option in the Available Buttons list and move it to the Toolbar Buttons list and position it as needed.
    • To move a Separator in the Toolbar Buttons list, select it and position it as needed.
  5. Click OK to save your changes.
Note: The Toolbar Buttons list, from top to bottom, represents how the button arrangement will appear on the actual module toolbar from left to right.

Additional Information
  • When you move a button from the Available Buttons list to the Toolbar Buttons list, the button is automatically set at the bottom of the list. Move the button within the list as needed.
  • For more information about customizing the toolbars for the Appointment Book, Family File, Ledger, and Office Manager view Customizing the Dentrix Toolbars in Dentrix Help.

Customizing the Patient Chart, Document Center, Questionnaires, or Treatment Planner Toolbars

Customizing a toolbar works differently in the Patient Chart, Document Center, Treatment Planner, and Questionnaires modules. For more information about customizing toolbars in these modules, read the following:

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Process Payment Agreements in a Single Batch with Saved Credit Cards

One of the great features of Dentrix Pay is the ability to save a patient’s credit card information when you create a payment agreement. But what do you do when payments are due? Do you open each patient’s agreement and make their payments individually? You could, but there's a faster and easier way: batch processing.*

Every morning you can open the Payment Agreement Manager and process every agreement that's due—all at once.

How To:

  1. From the Ledger, click File > Payment Agreement Manager. (Or click the Payment Agreement Manager toolbar button.)
  2. Click the Process Due Amounts button. The number of agreements due is enclosed in parenthesis, so you don't have to search through the list to find them.

  3. If needed, deselect the guarantor(s) for whom you don't want to process a payment by clicking the X next to their name. Then click the Process button.

  4. Review the processed payments (and any that did not process) and click Close.
That's it! The payment agreements that were due, have been paid. 

And Dentrix makes sure you don’t forget to process payments. When you open the Ledger a pop-up message will display the number of agreements that are due for processing. All you have to do is click the Process Due Payments Agreements button. The Payment Agreement Manager will open, and you can process the agreements as described above.

For more information about batch processing payment agreements with saved credit cards:

*You must have Dentrix Pay to batch process payment agreements with saved credit cards. For more information about Dentrix Pay, visit www.Dentrix.com/DentrixPay or call 844.853.2285.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Archiving Patients Just Got Easier!

In previous versions of Dentrix, you may have found it frustrating to try to archive a patient, only to have Dentrix tell you that the patient did not have a zero balance, and therefore couldn’t be archived.

It required you to go to the Ledger and poke around, looking for the cause. There might have been an obvious balance that needed to be adjusted to another family member, or there might have been a much more subtle problem caused by an old payment that was assigned to the wrong provider. Whatever it was, Dentrix could see it but it wasn't telling you!

Now, when you archive a patient using Dentrix G7.3, you'll see something new: the Archive Patient Wizard. This wizard streamlines the processes of identifying patient provider balances. After showing you what the balances are, it will ask which credit and charge adjustment types you want to use to correct them, and then it will post the necessary adjustments automatically. You just click Next through the wizard and verify the settings at each step!

The Archive Patient Wizard is another way that Dentrix G7.3 reduces your administrative workload!

To watch a short video demonstrating this feature, visit the Dentrix Resource Center and click Dentrix New Feature Videos.

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Why Is the Family Portion of Balance Showing 0.00?

Sometimes an account gets a little lopsided, and the insurance estimate comes in higher than the balance owed.

In past versions of Dentrix, the Family Portion of Balance line in the Ledger used to show a negative amount – so that when added to the Expected from Dental Insurance amount, the two would equal the Family Balance.

You may have noticed that in Dentrix G7 it stopped doing that. The Family Balance now shows 0.00 by default.

If you liked it the old way, you can change it back.

  • If you are using Dentrix G7.0 - G7.2, in the Ledger, select the File menu, then Pre-Payment Allocation Setup
  • If you are using Dentrix G7.3, in the Ledger select File > Allocation Options Setup.

In the If estimated ‘Family Portion of Balance’ is less than 0: section, select the option you want to see in the Ledger: either Display 0.00 or Display Credit Amount, and click OK.

For more information, see the various topics on Setting up the Ledger in Dentrix Help.

Thursday, January 2, 2020

Year End -- Have You Done It?

Before you start your year-end processes, read our Closing the Year in Dentrix article found in Dentrix Magazine. In it, the Dentrix Customer Support team shares how to make the year-end process as easy as possible by providing some helpful advice and tips.