Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Charting Treatment Using the Procedure Listing Field

Are you the type of person who has the procedure code numbers memorized? Instead of looking for the procedure button or finding the code in the Procedure Codes panel, do you prefer to enter the code yourself, like "1206"? Well, you can! Type the code into the Procedure Listing box and then select the posting status.

The Procedure Listing box is on the Charting Toolbar. It's the text field to the right of the Clear Selected Teeth button. To enter a code, click your mouse in the box and type the code. You can even leave off the "D" prefix if you want to!

Next, select a status button — Existing OtherExisting, Treatment Plan, or Completed — and the code posts to the patient's Chart.

It's that easy!

If the Auto-State feature is turned on, the Procedure Listing box disappears. It will reappear when you turn off the Auto-State feature. (The image below shows the Charting Toolbar with the Auto-State feature turned on and the Treatment Plan status selected.)

Learn more about the Auto-State feature and other tools for optimizing the Chart by reading the Give Your Hygienist Tools for Success post from the Dentrix Office Manager blog.

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