Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Saving Credit Cards on File with Dentrix Pay

It’s the start of a new work week. One of your to-do list tasks is to find accounts that are due for a recurring payment, manually charge their credit card on file, and enter the payment in Dentrix.

What does “on file” mean in your practice? Do you open a hidden spreadsheet on your computer that contains the card information? Do you unlock one of the drawers up front and pull out a list of card numbers?

With Dentrix G7.2 and Dentrix Pay, a new feature which can be bundled together with other eServices you are already using, you have the ability to save credit card information within Dentrix that can be used for authorized recurring payments, like payment agreements, all from inside the Ledger.

How To

  1. With a patient selected in the Ledger, click Transaction > Saved Credit Cards.
  2. Click Add and insert or swipe the credit card using a connected PINpad device.

  3. Notify the patient of a $2.00 pre-authorization charge, which will be reversed after the account is verified.
  4. Have the patient review and sign the consent form to authorize your office to charge their card on file.
  5. Save the consent form and print a patient copy if needed.

Once you have saved a credit card, it will appear as an option when you click the Process Card button in the Enter Payment window of the Ledger.

For more information, click the Quick Start Videos for Dentrix Pay link on the Resource Center login page to watch tutorials and view key information. Or read the Introducing Integrated Payments with Dentrix Pay article in Dentrix Magazine.

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Closing the Office in Dentrix for Holidays

When you need to close the practice for holidays (or other events), instead of just scheduling an event for operatories in the schedule, the best thing to do is to close the practice on that day in the Appointment Book. Closing the day will ensure that the hours will not be counted as available time when scheduling patient appointments, and your weekly and monthly production totals won’t be affected.

How To

Closing the office for a holiday that occurs on the same date each year, such as Christmas or Independence Day, is pretty straightforward.
  1. In the Appointment Book, from the Setup menu, select Practice Schedule.
  2. Navigate to the date you want to close in the Calendar (such as December 25).
  3. From the Office Closed menu, select Yearly Holiday on selected day.

  4. Repeat for other holidays (such as the 4th of July) and click Close.

However, for holidays that don’t fall on the same date each year, such as Thanksgiving or Memorial Day, you’ll need to take a different approach. Let’s say that your practice will be taking a half day on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, and a full day on Thanksgiving.
  1. In the Appointment Book, from the Setup menu, select Practice Schedule.
  2. Navigate to the Wednesday before Thanksgiving in the calendar, and double-click the date.
  3. Enter a Start Time and End Time for the workday, and click OK.
  4. Then navigate to the date on the calendar for Thanksgiving.
  5. From the Office Closed menu, select Close Office on selected date, and click Close.

Additional Information
  • When closing the office for holidays, take a quick look at those days in the Appointment Book to make sure there aren't any appointments already scheduled that you'll need to move.
  • Read the Manage Your Complex Office Schedule within Dentrix article in Dentrix Magazine.

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Customizing Flip Tabs in the Appointment Book

Any time you need to jump ahead in the Appointment Book by more than a few days, to schedule an return appointment for continuing care for example, you could use the Calendar button or repeatedly click the Forward button to do so. But there must be an easier way, right? There is with flip tabs!

With flip tabs, you can quickly navigate the Appointment Book because they act like bookmarks or placeholders in a paper schedule. They allow you to jump a few days, weeks, or months at a time, making it simple to find and view future appointment times.

And you can set up flip tabs for the intervals you most frequently use in your office, such as four months for a prophy, or two weeks for a crown placement.

You can set up 12 different flip tabs—four flip tabs for each Appointment Book view: Day View, Week View, and Month View.

Here's how to set up flip tabs:
  1. In the Appointment Book, select Setup > Flip Tabs Setup.
  2. Select the Day View, Week View, or Month View tab to create a flip tab within that view.

  3. Enter a Description for the flip tab that identifies how far ahead the schedule will jump, such as "2 Weeks".
  4. If desired, edit the flip tab's text color by clicking the Text Color button. Just remember that the text will appear on a gray background, so pick a contrasting color.
  5. Select one of these options from the Type drop-down:
    • Select Absolute if you want the tab to jump to a specific date. For example, September 2, 2019. Then enter a date in the field provided.
    • Select Relative to jump the schedule forward (or backward) by a specified time period. For example, 14 days forward. Then select whether you want to jump relative to today's date, or the date currently displayed in the Appointment Book.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for each flip tab you want to create.
  7. Click OK to save and exit.

Additional Information

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Checking Insurance Eligibility

When you are staring down a full schedule, how can you tell at a glance which patients' insurances have been verified? The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon can show you!

  • A blue E on a white background indicates that the patient is eligible for benefits.

  • A gray E on a yellow background indicates otherwise.

The Patient Insurance Eligibility icon can be updated two different ways: automatically or manually.


If you are using Dentrix Insurance Manager, you can quickly and accurately determine if a patient will have coverage on the day of an appointment. The Insurance Manager will automatically check eligibility for patients scheduled 2 weeks into the future, changing the color of the ‘E’ icon when eligibility is confirmed.


If you prefer to contact insurance companies directly to verify eligibility, double-click the appointment to open the Appointment Information dialog box, right-click the "E" icon and select Enter Eligibility Status.

Then change the Status, enter a Description and Expiration Date, and add a Note as needed.

Click OK to save this information and the "E" will now appear with the blue, verified color.

For more information: