Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Make a Habit of Checking for Dentrix Updates

As we approach the new year, let’s talk about a process you’ll want to make sure you are implementing in your practice—keeping your Dentrix software updated.

You probably receive notifications when updates, hotfixes, or other critical updates are available in Dentrix. But did you know that you can check for updates on your own when you are ready to install them?

To check for available updates, from the Office Manager menu, click Help > About Dentrix. On the About Dentrix screen, click the Check for Updates button.

The Dentrix Update Manager screen shows all available updates.

Installing the latest updates is one of the tasks you should complete before you close the year in Dentrix. Read the Dentrix Magazine article titled, Closing the Year in Dentrix for more information about closing the year.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

A Tidy Batch Processor is a Happy Batch Processor

You probably know that every time you generate a report, create an insurance claim, print a route slip, or generate a billing statement a line item is added to the Batch Processor in the Office Manager.

After a busy day, that Batch Processor list can be overwhelming. Chances are you don’t need to keep most of those items day after day. If you’ve printed the report or electronically transmitted the claim, delete it from the Batch Processor. With so many items stored in the Batch Processor, it can be hard to find one specific item you are looking for.

To delete items from the Batch Processor, select the items you want to delete (use CTRL + click to highlight multiple items at once), and then click the Delete Report(s) button.

By default the Delete Selected Reports option is selected, but you can change to any other option that fits your needs. Then click OK, and you’re on your way to an easier-to-manage Batch Processor.

For more information, read the Batch Processor Overview and Deleting a Report topics in the Dentrix Help.