Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Refilling Prescriptions in Dentrix

Updated 10/8/2019

You've probably had this happen in your office recently: a patient calls wanting a refill on their pain medication, and you can't remember what you prescribed for them or when. There's no need to try and remember which drug was prescribed, or dosage amounts, or if they've already gotten a refill from you recently. The Prescriptions module in Dentrix keeps track of all this information for you. And when you refill a prescription, you have the option to change the dosage or dispensing instructions or keep the same settings as when it was last prescribed.

How To
  1. From any patient-specific Dentrix module, select a patient and click the Prescriptions button on the toolbar.
  2. From the Patient Prescriptions list, review the patient's list of prescriptions, prescribing doctor, and last prescription date.
  3. If it's appropriate to refill the prescription, select the prescription to be refilled, and click Refill.

  4. If necessary, change the information in the Sig, Disp, Refills, and/or Notes fields.
  5. Click Print to print the prescription and to save the refill to the Patient Prescriptions list.

Additional Tips
  • The Health History button is available within the Patient Prescriptions dialog box, allowing you to check for drug allergies or other medical conditions before you create a prescription for a patient. If the Health History cross is red, click the button to check for medical alerts.
  • To learn more, read Refilling Patient Prescriptions in the Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Saving a Screen Capture in the Document Center

Some insurance companies provide coverage details on their website, and you like to check for detailed coverage breakdowns when a new patient comes to your office. If you need to refer to the coverage breakdown again you could go back to the insurance company’s website and find it, but it’s a lot easier to just capture the image using the Screen Capture tool and save a copy of it in the Document Center.

How To
  1. Open the website with the coverage table you want to save, and leave it open on your screen.
  2. Open the Document Center and select the patient to whom you want to attach the screen capture. Then click Acquire > Screen Capture.

  3. Go back to the screen you want to capture, and click Start Capture.
  4. Position your mouse pointer where you want to start the capture and drag to capture the image. When you release the mouse button, the Document Center opens and the image you captured appears in it.

Additional Information
  • If you don't want to be prompted to enter the document type, description, and orientation each time you take a screen capture, in the Document Center click Acquire > Screen Capture and click the Setup Defaults button. Check the Acquire without displaying Document Information option and specify the default information, and the Document Center will automatically assign that info to every screen capture.
  • For additional information, read the Acquiring Screen Captures topic in the Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Analyzing Referrals

Updated 10/8/2019

If you are looking for a quick way to analyze your patient referrals without having to generate a report in the Office Manager, look no further!

Let's say your office offers a discount on teeth whitening when a patient refers five people to your practice and those patients are seen for appointments. You know that patient Brent Crosby is close to meeting the five referrals, and you want to see details about the referrals he has made. You can access that information easily from the Family File.

How To
  1. In the Family File, select a patient who has made referrals to your practice.
  2. From the File menu, select Referral Analysis.

  3. The number of referrals a patient has made to your office appears in the Total Referrals Made field, and a list of individual patients, the date they were referred, and production totals resulting from that referral appear in the list.
  4. Use the drop-down lists for Referral Date Span and Production Date Span to see referrals and production for a specific time period.

Additional Tips