Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Updating Deductibles Met and Benefits Used Mid-Year

Updated 4/22/2021

Patients often come to your practice mid-year when they have met part or all of their deductible or used part or all of their maximum benefits. You can enter their deductibles met and benefits used manually in Dentrix so that you can track insurance benefits correctly.

How To:
  1. Select the patient in the Family File and double-click the Insurance block.
  2. Click the Benefits/Coverage button.

  3. From the left margin select Deductibles/Maximums. 
  4. In the Deductibles table, enter the deductible(s) the patient has met in the appropriate fields.
  5. In the Maximums table, enter the amount of the insurance benefit maximums that the patient has already used. 
  6. Click Save.

Additional Information:
  • You can also enter deductibles met and benefits used for the previous year by clicking the Previous Year’s tab.
  • You can also enter deductibles met and benefits used information from the subscriber information in an insurance claim.
  • Read the Entering Benefits Used and Deductibles Met topic in Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Setting up Fast Checkout Options in the Ledger

Updated 10/3/2019

After every appointment, patients come to the front desk to check out and pay their balances. Many of these patients want you to print them a receipt, and you want to make sure you create a claim for that appointment so that you don’t forget when the next patient comes to check-out. Use the Fast Checkout button to complete all three of these tasks with a single click.

How To:

  1. From the Ledger, click File >Fast Checkout Options Setup.

  2. Select the tasks you want to perform when the Fast Checkout button is clicked in Dentrix.
    • Create Insurance Claim - Check this box to create an insurance claim for today's procedures. Then select whether to send the claim to the Batch Processor, send it electronically, or print it.
    • Enter Payment - Check this box to post a payment on the patient's Ledger.
    • Walkout - Check this box to create a walkout statement or receipt. Then select to either send the statement to the Batch Processor or print it.
  3. Click OK to save your settings.

Once set up, when you click the Fast Checkout button when a patient is checking out of your office, you'll be guided through the checkout process, saving you (and the patient who is anxious to leave your office) time.

Additional Information:

  • If the tasks you perform at checkout vary, check Always Show Checkout Options to allow you to select which checkout options are completed for individual patients.
  • To print appointment reminder labels for patients when they check out, click Print Appointment Reminder Label.
  • In order to use the Send Electronically option for claims, you must have an eClaims account set up.

For additional information on the checkout options, see the Setting up Fast Checkout Options topic in the Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Drag and Drop from Appointment Book Lists

Updated 10/3/2019

In the Appointment Book, you have access to a group of lists that help you keep your schedule full including the ASAP List, Open List, and Unscheduled List. You can access these lists from the Appointment Book toolbar by clicking Appt List.

  • The ASAP List consists of scheduled appointments that have been flagged ASAP. You can use this list of patients to fill holes in an otherwise full schedule.
  • The Open List consists of patients whose appointment type has been set to OPEN, and are known to have a flexible schedule, and can be moved around.
  • The Unscheduled List consists of patients with broken appointments or appointments that have been marked as wait/will call.

While viewing any of these lists, you can select an appointment and drag it to an open slot in the Appointment Book. Once you confirm the movement of the appointment, it no longer appears on the list.

By dragging and dropping appointments in this way, you won't have to spend time recreating appointments because all the details from the Appointment Information dialog box (appointment reasons, providers, etc.) are kept intact and move with the appointment. Dragging and dropping from these lists also helps you to quickly clean up your lists and get patients back on the schedule.

To learn more, read The New Dentrix Appointment List article in Dentrix Magazine.

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Updating Office Fees using the Automatic Fee Schedule Changes Utility

Updated 10/3/2019

When you use the Automatic Fee Schedule Changes utility, you can change an entire fee schedule or range of procedures at once rather than changing one fee at a time. For example, if you want to increase your continuing care production, you could increase your office fees for diagnostic and preventive procedures by 3% across the board.

To update fees for a range of procedures:
  1. From the Office Manager, select Maintenance > Practice Setup > Fee Schedule Setup.
  2. Select the fee schedule you want to update, and click Auto Changes.

  3. In the Select Procedure Code group box, set the range of procedures you want to include.
  4. In the Change Fee Schedule group box, do the following:
    • In the Change Amount field, enter the amount to change the fee schedule by.
    • In the Change Type drop-down list select whether you want to increase/decrease by either a percentage or dollar amount. Your choice here reflects the change amount by applying the number you entered in that field as a percentage or a dollar amount.
    • In the Round To drop-down list, select the amount to round the fee schedule amount to.
    • In the Minimum Amount To Increase field, type the minimum amount you want to change the fee schedule. For example, if you enter $.50 in this field all fees will be updated by at least $.50.  Note: This option is only available when increasing/decreasing by a percentage.
  5. Click OK. Review the summary of the fee schedule changes and then click Save.

For additional information, see the Fee Schedules topic in the Dentrix Help.