Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Preventing Patients from Receiving Billing Statements

Updated 10/3/2019

There are some patients you may not want to send a billing statement to. These patients could have a special billing circumstance they have worked out with the doctor or they may be family/VIP patients that are not billed like regular patients.

You can prevent patients who fit these situations from receiving billing statements by assigning them to a "No Statements" billing type and then not including that type when you generate statements.

To prevent patients of a certain type from receiving billing statements:
  1. Select the patient in the Ledger.
  2. Click File > Billing/Payment Agreement to open the Billing/Payment Agreement Information dialog box.

  3. In the Billing Type list, select the billing type you use for patients who shouldn't receive a statement.
  4. Click OK. The patient is now assigned to the new billing type. The updated billing type appears at the bottom of the Ledger window in the gray area.

Once you have assigned the patient to a "No Statements" billing type, when creating billing statements, simply do not include that type in the range of billing types you can select to generate. And remember that you can change a patient’s billing type at any time, so that if their situation changes, you can easily incorporate them back into a billing type that is billed regularly.

For additional information on creating a "No Statement" billing type (if you don't already have one), see the Customizing Billing Types or Setting Billing Types topics in the Dentrix Help. For additional information on generating statements, especially on selecting a range of billing types to include in your statement run, see the Generating Billing Statements topic in the Dentrix Help.

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