Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Archiving Patient Records

Updated 9/20/2019

Dentrix allows you to delete patient and family records, which results in all information associated with the patient (including alerts, notes, prescriptions, etc.) being deleted. This information can only be recovered from a backup of your database. As a result, it is recommended that you only use the delete function when correcting a mistake. Patients who have left the practice or who have passed away should be archived rather than deleted so that you still have access to their electronic record if you need it.

When patients have passed away, moved, or will no longer be seen at the practice, you can change the patient status to "Archived." Archiving patients simplifies your database and makes selecting patients faster and easier.
Keep in mind that you cannot archive:
  • Patients with future due payment plans or outstanding insurance claims.
  • Patients who are subscribers to an insurance plan for other family members.
  • Guarantors, until you have archived all other family members.
  • Guarantors that have a payment agreement or a balance.

To archive a patient:
  1. From the Family File, select the patient.
  2. Double-click on the Patient Information block.

  3. From the Status drop-down list, select Archived.
  4. Click OK to save your changes. Several messages appear asking you to confirm that you want to archive the patient or to tell you that you need to complete additional steps before you can archive the patient.
  5. Click Yes to confirm archiving the patient.

When you archive a patient, the following occurs:
  • A note appears in the Office Journal for any future appointments that the archived patient had, with the date, time, provider, and reason the appointment was deleted from the Appointment Book. Past appointments still appear in the Appointment Book, with an <A> next to the patient's name.
  • Dentrix deletes all continuing care, employer, insurance, and referral information and adds it to the Patient Note. You can view this information after you archive the patient.
  • All address, procedures, insurance claims, payments, adjustments, medical alerts, prescriptions, patient questionnaires, and periodontal exams remain intact.
  • Dentrix will not allow you to edit a patient's information as long as the patient is archived.
  • Archived patients do not appear in the Select Patient dialog box unless you select the Include Archived Patients option.
  • When archived patients appear on a report or in a module, <Archived> or <A> appears in front of their names.

For additional information, read Reactivating Archived Patients or Deleting Patient Records in Dentrix Help, or read the Clean Up Your Active Patient Base article in Dentrix Magazine.


Unknown said...

An archived patients (deceased) family inquired to the office, long after patients passing, to have patients ledger printed for tax purposes. The ledger is grayed out. Is there anyway to get that information?

Thank you

Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...

@Gina Foster Pull up the patient in the Family File, and double-click the top section. You should get a pop-up message asking if you'd like to reactivate the patient. Click OK. Ensure that the patient's status is set to Patient, and click OK. You should then be able to get into their Ledger. Just remember to re-archive them after you've done what you needed to.