Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Making Last Minute Changes to Procedures

Updated 9/18/2019

You probably all know that when you are creating an appointment in the Appointment Book, you can click the Tx button in the Appointment Information dialog box to pull up a list of treatment-planned procedures that you can use for the appointment.

But did you know that after you have selected the treatment-planned procedure, you have the option to edit it?  Simply click the Edit button within the Treatment Plan window.

This will open the Edit or Delete Procedure dialog box where you can make changes to the procedure as needed.

This can come in handy in a situation where, for example, you have treatment planned an MI amalgam but when you have the patient in the chair for the exam, it turns out that they are going to need an MID instead. You can use that Edit option to quickly update the appointment without having to go into the Chart or Treatment Planner, and it will be corrected before you post the appointment complete.

For more information, see the Editing Treatment-Planned Procedures topic in Dentrix Help.

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