Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Attaching and Signing Consent Forms for Treatment Cases

Updated 6/26/2019

Did you know Dentrix allows you to sign consent forms electronically and keep track of signed consent forms by attaching them to treatment plan cases? This is another step toward becoming paperless because you don't have to scan a signed document form into the Document Center.

To sign and attach a consent form to a treatment plan case:
  1. From the Treatment Planner, select a treatment case for a patient.
  2. Click the Supporting Information button in the Navigation panel.

  3. In the Informed Consent group box, expand the Select Consent Form drop-down and select the desired form.

  4. Click Add.

  5. Once the patient has read over the form, have him/her sign in the Patient/Representative signature box using the electronic signature device you have setup, and verify that the Relationship to patient information is correct.
  6. Have a representative from your practice sign the Practice signature box using the electronic signature device, and select their name from the Name search field.
  7. Click Print to give a printed copy to the patient.
  8. Click Save to save the form.
  9. Click Close to return to the Supporting information section of the Navigation panel. The form is added to the Informed Consent group box along with the date it was signed and by whom.

When a treatment case has a signed consent form attached to it, an icon appears on the left side of the case to indicate that a signed consent form is attached.

For additional information, read the article titled Using Digital Consent Forms in Dentrix Magazine.

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