Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Generating the Unscheduled Treatment Plans Report

Updated 4/27/2020

Did you know you could have hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars in production lying in unscheduled treatment plans? With the Unscheduled Treatment Plan List, you can quickly identify patients with treatment-planned procedures that have been posted to the Patient Chart or Ledger but not scheduled in the Appointment Book.

Once generated, the Unscheduled Treatment Plans Report also shows a patient’s remaining insurance benefits and the benefit renewal month, which you can use to help the patient understand the importance of scheduling treatment.

To generate the Unscheduled Treatment Plans List:

  1. From the Office Manager menu, click Reports > Lists > Unscheduled Treatment Plans.

  2. Select a range of patients to include in the list and which patient status(es) to include.
  3. Select to generate the list by either the patient's Prov 1 from Family File or by the Treatment Plan Provider. If you select Treatment Plan Provider, enter a range of providers to include.
  4. Under Select Treatment Plan Amount enter a range of amounts to include.
  5. Under Select Date Range, enter a range of treatment plans to include.
  6. As needed, select the procedures you want to exclude form the list.
  7. Click OK to send the report to the Batch Processor.

For help interpreting the list once it's generated, please view the following video:

For additional information, read the Mining for Gold: Three Reports for Searching Out Unscheduled Treatment article in Dentrix Magazine.

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