Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Using Screen Capture for Claim Attachments

Updated 6/25/2019

Using Dentrix you can easily send claim attachments, such as letters, X-rays, and images to an insurance carrier. The Ledger lets you attach documents, images, and even patient periodontal exams to claims and pre-authorizations sent electronically. You can attach from the Document Center, the Perio Chart, and your imaging software.

To add claim attachments using screen capture:

  1. From the Ledger, open the claim you want to add the attachment to and double-click the Claim Information block.

  2. Under Attachments, indicate the number of each type of attachment you want to include with the claim.
  3. Click Include Attachment(s).

  4. Click the Screen Capture button to capture an image of what is being displayed on your computer screen. Draw a rectangle around the portion of the screen you wish to capture as an attachment. The screen capture is added to the Attachments list.
  5. When finished adding attachments, click Close.

For more information, see the previous Screen Capture Tool Tip Tuesday post, read the Attaching Screen Captures topic in Dentrix Help, or view the Dentrix Does It video below.

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