Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Creating Case Note Templates

Updated 4/29/2019

It's important to keep detailed notes about each case in the Treatment Planner so you have a history of the patient's proposed, accepted, and rejected treatment. You can set up case note templates that you can use in common situations, like when treatment is accepted or when treatment is rejected because of cost concerns.

To set up case note templates:
  1. From the Office Manager, click Maintenance > Practice Setup > Custom Notes > Case Notes Setup.

  2. Enter the name of the template in the Template Name field.
  3. Enter the text of the note in the Template Text field. If desired, click the spell check button to check the spelling of the note.
  4. Click Add to add the template name and text you have just entered.
  5. Click Close.

Once you have created the template, you can quickly access them when writing case notes in the Treatment Planner.

To use case note templates in writing case notes:
  1. With a patient selected in the Treatment Planner, click the Supporting Information tab.
  2. In the Case Note group box, use Templates drop-down list to select the appropriate case note template, and click Insert.

  3. Click Insert Dateline to insert the current date into the text of the note.
  4. Add any additional notes needed to the case note.
  5. Click Save Note to save the note.

For additional information, see the Adding, Editing or Deleting Case Note Templates topics in Dentrix Help.

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