Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Using the Practice Statistics Report

Updated 4/29/2019

The Practice Statistics Report gives you a statistical snapshot of your practice that you can use to develop strategic business plans. This report groups together statistical information about your practice, including patient demographics information, continuing care statistics, new patient statistics, and the number of patients per provider.

To generate the Practice Statistics Report, from the Office Manager, click Reports > Management > Practice Statistics Report. The report is sent directly to the Batch Processor.

Note: The report includes the same categories of information each time you generate it. There are no report options to set up for this report.

For more information, read the Practice Statistics Report topic in Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Setting Default Options for Office Manager Print Preview

Updated 4/26/2019

Did you know that you can customize the way the Print Preview displays reports in the Office Manager? Save your favorite report preview setting(s) as the default so that reports automatically open the way you want when you preview them.

From the Options menu of the Dentrix Print Preview window, set the preferences for how you want to view the reports in the future from the following:

  • Save Defaults on Exit - This option will save the Print Preview Settings as the default settings when you exit.
  • View One Page - Displays one page of the report
  • View Two Pages - Displays two pages of the report
  • Zoom - Lets you specify a display size (as a percentage of the full size page)
  • Default Page Size - Displays the report preview using a default full-page view
  • Full Page Size - Displays the report at full page width

It's a good idea to take a look at each of these options to see how they actually display on your computer. Most reports, when viewed at the One Page or Two Pages sizes are difficult to read without having to zoom in to see the information, although you can see how the information flows from page to page. If your primary reason for previewing a report is to get a glimpse at the information found on the report, you may want to pick an appropriate zoom level where you can read the report information and then use the Save Defaults on Exit option to save that zoom level for viewing future reports.

For more information on using the Print Preview feature in the Office Manager, please view the following Dentrix Does It video:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Displaying Claim Status Notes

Updated 4/29/2019

It's important to generate the Insurance Claim Aging Report to follow up on outstanding claims and make sure none of your claims are going unpaid. You can view claim status notes on the Insurance Aging Report so that when you generate the report, you have complete information about each claim.

To display claim status notes on the Insurance Aging Report:

  1. From the Office Manager, click Reports > Ledger > Insurance Aging Report.

  2. Set up the report as your normally would.
  3. Check the Print Status Notes option.
  4. Click OK. The report will be generated and all status notes entered for each claim will be listed below that claim on the report.

Not using claim status notes? See our Entering Insurance Claim Status Notes tip, to learn how to get started.

For additional information, read Managing Your Past Due Insurance Claims article in the Dentrix Magazine online archive, or the Insurance Aging Report topic in Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Showing Preferred Names on Appointments

Updated 4/29/2019

You probably all have that patient who wants to be called by a different name than the name on their account (A Robert who wants to be called Bob, or a Rebecca who wants to be called Becky, etc.). By default, Dentrix displays the first and last names of the patient on appointments in the Appointment Book as they are entered in the Patient Information dialog box in the Family File. There is also a field in this dialog box where you can enter a preferred name.

You can set up the Appointment Book to look at that Preferred Name field, which displays on patient appointments, so that when you are speaking with patients about their appointments, you're using the name they prefer.

To show a patient's preferred name on appointments:
  1. From the Appointment Book, click View.

  2. Select the view you want to display preferred names and click Edit.

  3. Click the arrow to open the drop-down menu for line 1 (or whichever line is currently displaying the word "Name"). Scroll down the list and select Name/Pref.
  4. Click OK to save your changes.

A couple of things to note about the options in the drop-down list:
  • The option called Name/Pref displays the patient's name as "Last Name, Preferred Name." If the patient doesn't have a preferred name entered in the Family File, the patient's name is listed as "Last Name, First Name."
  • Make sure you use the Name/Pref option, and not the Pref. Name option. Using Pref. Name will display the patient's preferred name with no last name. And if the patient doesn't have a preferred name entered in the Family File, no name will be listed and the name line will be blank.

For more information, read the Editing Patient Information and Setting up Views topics in Dentrix Help.