Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Referring Several Procedures at Once

Updated 4/29/2019

At times a patient may have several procedures or a series of procedures that you are referring to a specialist. While you can edit each procedure individually and add the referral to each one, this process can be simplified by using the Treatment Planner to add a referral to a group of procedures at once.

To refer several procedures at once:
  1. Select the appropriate patient in the Patient Chart, and then open the Treatment Planner.
  2. Click the New Case button and create a new treatment plan case called "For Referral."
  3. Click and drag the procedures you want to refer from their current treatment-planned case into the "For Referral" case you created.
  4. Select the "For Referral" case and click the Update Case Status button, and select the Referred status.
  5. Click Referred search button >> to select the provider to whom you are referring the procedures.
  6. Click OK. The case will be marked as Referred. All the procedures in the case will be marked as referred in the Progress Notes, and the procedure amounts will be zeroed out.
For more information, read the Updating Case Status topic in Dentrix Help.

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