Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Using the Wait/Will Call Button

Updated 4/25/2019

Some patients have a lot of free time and are available to come in whenever you need them to. Instead of tracking these patients with a sticky note or document on your computer, you can use the Wait/Will Call button to move them to the Unscheduled List so you can schedule them when you have cancellations or holes in your schedule.

To set an appointment as wait/will call:
  1. Create an appointment for a patient.
  2. From the Appointment Information dialog box, click the Wait/Will Call button.

The appointment will be added to the Unscheduled List with a status of W/Call (instead of Broken) so you can see that is a person you might be able to call at short notice to fill an opening in the schedule.

For more information, read Managing Wait or Will Call Appointments in Dentrix Help.

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