Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Using the Patient Report (By Filters) to Find Specific Groups of Patients

Updated 2/20/2019

The Patient Report (by filters) report in Dentrix allows you to create custom reports. You can use it to find patients in your database using over 30 different filters, and it provides you with the ability to choose what information about those patients should be included in the report.

You can use the Patient Report (by filters) to find a variety of information that's not in other Dentrix reports, including:
  • Patients who came in for a new patient exam but have not returned for a follow up or recall visit.
  • Patients who were referred to your practice this month who had restorative work completed.
  • Patients with a specific medical alert.
  • Patients (both active and inactive) attached to a continuing care type you want to delete.

To generate the Patient Report (by filters) report:
  1. From the Office Manager, click Letters & Custom Lists >Misc. select Patient Report (by filters) from the list of options, and then click Edit.

  2. In the Patient Report View dialog box, select the criteria you want to use to filter patients.

    *Note: Filters that allow you to check different options (such as Gender or Position) can be left unchecked if you want to include all the filter options in your search. For example, you can leave Male and Female unchecked and Dentrix will include both male and female patients. But if you just wanted male patients, you would need to check Male and leave Female unchecked.
  3. Click OK.
  4. With Patient Report (by filters) still selected in the Misc. Letters dialog box, click Open List Manager.
  5. The List Manager will appear showing a list of patients who match your filter criteria.

For more information, read The Dentrix G6 List Manager article in Dentrix Magazine.

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