Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Dentrix Reports Reference

Updated 9/27/2019

There are over 125 different reports that can be generated in Dentrix. With so many report options, you need a reference guide that helps you know the kind of information included in each report. Whether you are looking for a report that tells you which patients have unused insurance benefits, or a report to help you analyze your practice goals, the Dentrix Reports Reference is an excellent resource designed to help your office find reports and decide why and when to use them.

The Reports Reference lists each Dentrix report alphabetically, and categorizes them based on usage in the office. There are samples of each report showing you the key information included in the report, with recommendations of when to run them, and why.

To access the Reports Reference, log in to the Dentrix Resource Center, enter the Knowledgebase section, and click on the Documents tab. Find your version of the software and click on the Reports Reference link.

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Unknown said...

This was such a great post, finding what report to use can be frustrating. Thank you for sharing!