Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Entering Batch Insurance Check Payments

Updated 8/31/2020

Did you know that Dentrix lets you post payments to multiple claims quickly and easily without having to open each patient's claim individually? The Batch Insurance Payment Entry feature in the Ledger lets you post payments and adjustments for all claims associated with an insurance check, all within the same window. 

You can access this feature from the Ledger by clicking File and then Enter Batch Ins. Payment.  
Under Insurance Payment, in the Amount box, enter the amount of the insurance payment and then select a Payment Type. Depending on the payment type, enter either a check number and bank/branch number, or the last four digits of the card and card description.

Next, select an insurance carrier. All the open claims for the carrier will appear in the list. Don’t be alarmed if multiple open claims appear under Pending Claims. The insurance check may not include payments for all of the claims listed, but all open claims for the carrier will appear in this list.

To make it easier to find the claims you need, click any of the column headers to sort the information. For example, click Subscriber Name, Patient Name, or Date.

Select an open claim from the list and then, under Enter Payment, you will see the itemized detail for the claim. Click the Paid box and enter the amount that was paid by insurance for that procedure. Use the Enter or arrow keys on your keyboard to move quickly to different boxes within this section and update all amounts insurance paid for the procedures.

To update the payment table for a procedure, under the Pmt Table column, select the Update check box for that row. Fill in any adjustment, deductible, and claim status note information as needed. When you've entered the detail for the claim, click Post Claim

Repeat as needed for the other claim payments included on the insurance check. When finished, click Close to post the payments to the Ledger.

For additional information, see the following topics in Dentrix Help:

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