Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Patient/Family Alerts

Updated 9/27/2019

Did you know you can create alerts that are assigned to individual patients, selected family members or all family members? That way you don't have to spend time recreating the same alert for each member of the family.

To create patient/family alerts:
  1. Select the patient you want to add the alert to from the Family File.
  2. Click the Patient Alert button. (A white flag means there are NO alerts attached to the patient, while a yellow flag means there ARE alert(s) attached.)

  3. In the Select Date group box, enter a Start and End date for the alert, or check Always.
  4. In the Options group box, check the box for Also apply Patient Alert to:

  5. Select one of the following:

    • All Family Members - The option will attach the Patient Alert to all members of the selected patient's family.
    • Selected Family Members - This option allows you to choose which family members (in addition to the one selected) this alert will be attached to. Click the search arrow to open the Select Family Members dialog box from which you can select additional family members, and click OK.

  6. Add a description of the alert and use the Alert Notes button to select from a list of Alert Notes set up in Definitions.
  7. Select which area(s) within Dentrix in which the Patient Alert should display.
  8. Click OK.

There is no limit to the number of alerts you can assign to a patient, giving you the flexibility to create as many alerts as you need.

For more information about patient alerts, see the Effectively Using Patient Alerts blog post.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Screen Capture Tool

Updated 9/27/2019

Dentrix includes a screen capture feature that allows you to capture any image on your computer screen, including graphics, images from third-party software, X-rays, perio charts, and Web pages. These images can be stored directly in a patient's Document Center.

To use this feature:

  1. From the Document Center toolbar, select Acquire > Screen Capture.>

  2. From the Screen Capture dialog box, select Start Capture. The mouse icon changes from an arrow to a cross-hair icon.

  3. Click and drag over the area of the screen you want to import into the Document Center. The image is stored in the patient's Document Center.

You can adjust the settings for which category the document will be stored under by clicking Setup > Acquisition Method Defaults from the Document Center toolbar.

For more information see the Acquiring Screen Capture topic in Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Patient Insurance Eligibility

Updated 9/27/2019

Are you looking for a fast way to verify if a patient is eligible for insurance benefits on the day of treatment? Dentrix Insurance Manager can quickly and accurately help you determine if a patient will have coverage on the day of an appointment.

You can also quickly see if a patient is eligible for benefits, with the Eligibility icon located on the face of the appointment:

A blue E on a white background indicates that the patient is eligible for benefits, and the description in the Appointment Information dialog box reads YES.

A gray E on a yellow background indicates one of the following:
  • The patient's eligibility could not be verified, possibly because of incorrectly entered or missing information. The description in the Appointment Information dialog box reads OTHER.
  • The patient's eligibility has not been checked or entered for the past five days.

If the Eligibility icon does not appear, and the description in the Appointment Information dialog box is blank, the patient's eligibility has never been checked or entered.

For more information, read the Helping Patients Own Their Insurance Benefits article in the online Dentrix Magazine archive. Or visit the Insurance Manager webpage to sign up.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Patient Visit Form

Updated 9/27/2019

If you love appointment route slips, but wish you could include just a little more (or less) information, you should check out the Patient Visit Form. The Patient Visit Form is a customizable route slip that allows you to choose the information that's included on the form. Select from any of the fields in the Patient Visit Form dialog box to customize the form.

You can generate the Patient Visit Form from the Appointment Book or from the Office Manager.
To generate the form for an individual patient with an appointment:
  1. Select an appointment in the Appointment Book.
  2. Click File > Patient Visit Form.

To generate the form for multiple patients at a time:
  1. From the Office Manager, click Reports > Lists > Patient Visit Form.
  2. Choose to generate the forms for patients who have certain primary providers, appointment providers, or operatories.

Then use the Patient Visit Form dialog box to customize the form to include only the information you prefer.

For more information, read the Customizable Patient Visit Forms article in Dentrix Magazine.