Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Using the Treatment Manager to Fill Holes

Updated 9/26/2019

You can easily generate a list of patients who have treatment-planned procedures that still need to be completed. Using the Treatment Manager (Appointment Book > Options > Treatment Manager) you can create a customized list of patients based on any combination of provider, appointment date, whether they have an appointment scheduled, and/or by insurance benefits remaining for the year. Once you have generated the list, use it as a guide to fill holes in your schedule.

For more information, see the Using the Treatment Manager to Keep Your Schedule Full article in Dentrix Magazine.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Check Family Appointments with the More Info Button

Updated 9/26/2019

Did you know that you can use the More Info button in the Select Patient dialog box to see at a glance if any of a patient's family members have an appointment or continuing care scheduled? There is no need to open the Family File or Appointment book to see this information. During a patient's appointment, click the More Info button to make sure every family member is scheduled or due for continuing care, which will save time having to call and set up appointments later.

For more information, see the Patient Information at Your Fingertips article in Dentrix Magazine.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Enter Refund Adjustments with Insurance Payments

Updated 9/26/2019

Did you know you can now enter refund adjustments when you add an insurance payment to a claim? Dentrix has always made it easy to enter write-off adjustments when you add a payment to a claim, and now  you can also enter refund adjustments.

For more information,read the Managing Insurance Payment Adjustments article in Dentrix Magazine, or the Setting up Insurance Write-Off Adjustment Types and Setting up Insurance Refund Adjustment Types topics in Dentrix Help.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Practice Advisor Report

Updated 9/26/2019

How does your practice compare to industry-standard benchmarks for production and collections? Use the Practice Advisor Report to find out. In the Practice Advisor, you can view key performance indicators for production, collections, continuing care, schedule management, and new patient analysis.

The Practice Advisor Report shows you your totals for the previous month, the current month to date, and the year to date. The Variance column shows you any differences between the benchmarks and your actual totals, with alert icons in the Variance column that correspond with suggestions found on the footnotes pages of the report.

To run the Practice Advisor Report:
  1. From the Office Manager, select Analysis > Practice Advisor.
  2. In the Practice Advisor dialog box, click the Practice Advisor Report button.
  3. In the Practice Advisor Report dialog box, set the options for the data you want to populate the report.
  4. To view the report, click the Preview button.

For more information, see the various topics linked under Practice Advisor Report in Dentrix Help.