Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Patient Chart Keyboard Shortcuts

Updated 9/25/2019

In a fast-paced environment like a dental office, it's important for you to accomplish tasks as quickly and efficiently as possible. Did you know that you can use keyboard shortcuts to accomplish some of the most common tasks in Dentrix? Using shortcuts saves you time and speeds up your daily routines, which helps you make your office more efficient.

Here's a few keyboard shortcuts you can use in the Patient Chart:

  • F1 = Opens the Help menu

  • F2 = Opens the Select Patient dialog box

  • F3 = Prints the Patient Chart

  • Alt + F4 = Exits the Patient Chart

  • F5 = Refreshes the Patient Chart

Try out some of these shortcuts this week, and leave a comment telling us about some of the keyboard shortcuts your office uses.

For more information, see our Appointment Book Keyboard Shortcuts tip.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Keeping Up with Continuing Care

Updated 9/25/2019

By looking at the Continuing Care block in the Dentrix Family File, you can tell where a patient stands with their continuing care plan. An empty block indicates that no continuing care has been set, while a block containing red dates and descriptions (see image above) means the patient is overdue for treatment. When a patient calls or comes into your office, check the Family File to see their continuing care status, and encourage them to get back on schedule with their treatment if needed.

For more information about setting up patients on a continuing care plan, see the Customizing Recall For Your Patient in Dentrix article in Dentrix Magazine.