Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Share A Great Idea

We have all had those moments when you think “Dentrix would be so much easier to use if...”
The developers and programmers at Dentrix want to hear those great ideas! Your input can truly help make Dentrix even better.

When inspiration strikes, click the Help menu and choose Enhancement Request. It doesn’t matter where in Dentrix you are working– every Dentrix Help menu will have this option. (If you are away from the office, you can access the website directly at http://myvoice.dentrix.com/.)

You’ll be whisked away to the Dentrix My Voice website, where you can search to see if others have the same idea. If someone has already submitted the idea, add your vote or add comments to promote the concept.

If you don't see your idea there already, add it!

Here area few examples of recent user-requested-turned-into-new-features:

The Dentrix development team is excited to learn what you want to see happen next!

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