Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Process Payments Promptly by Adding a Credit Card to a Payment Agreement

Wouldn’t it be nice if your patients with payment agreements always paid the correct amount on the date it was due? And what if you could routinely post these payments on a monthly basis without having to bill your patients? With Dentrix Pay, you can add a patient's credit card to their payment agreement and use that card to process payments when they’re due*. You'll be promptly paid, and your patients won't have to remember to send you a check!

To add a credit card to a payment agreement, open the patient’s Ledger and click the Billing/Payment Agreement button. Click the Credit Card drop-down menu, select Add Card, and follow the onscreen directions. Be sure to have the cardholder sign the consent form, authorizing you to use their card for payments. When finished, click OK. You're now ready to process their payment agreement with their saved credit card — when it comes due.

For additional information:
*You must have Dentrix Pay to add credit cards and to use them to pay off payment agreements. For more information about Dentrix Pay, visit www.Dentrix.com/DentrixPay or call 844.853.2285.

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