Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Automatically Closing Claims without Assignment of Benefits

It would be nice to know ahead of time if your office wasn’t going to receieve an insurance payment for a patient’s procedure.

If, you do not check the Assignment of Benefits box in the Insurance Information dialog box when you are setting up a patient’s insurance coverage in Dentrix, any insurance claims you create for the patient will remain open even though your office won’t receive the payment.

But, with a new Dentrix feature, added in version G6 you can activate a prompt that will notify you that a claim doesn’t have this assignment of benefits. This prompt will also ask if you want to post a $0 insurance payment and close the claim.

Using this new feature will prevent these claims from showing up on your Insurance Aging Report, and will remove the claim amount from the insurance totals in your Ledger.

Here’s how to activate this feature:
  1. In the Ledger, click File > Insurance Payment Setup.
  2. Check the Prompt to close claims without Assignment of Benefits box to activate the feature.

Once the feature is activated, when you create claims for patients without assignment of benefits, a prompt appears.

By clicking Yes, Dentrix will post a $0 payment on the claim and mark it as received.

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Unknown said...

Great idea BUT if you close out the claim and then send it you get a letter back asking for the primary EOB because the claim was sent with payment of primary as 0??