Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Scheduling Finance Charges to Post Automatically

Updated 10/8/2019

It happened again. The sticky note on the side of your monitor reminding you to post finance charges to overdue accounts on the 15th of the month has failed you. Well, prepare to crumple up that sticky note. The Dentrix G6.6 Reports and Tasks Scheduler lets you schedule reports and tasks to run on a regular basis, so you can let Dentrix remember to post finance charges mid-month!
Follow these steps to schedule reports and tasks to run automatically.

How To

  1. In the Ledger, click Task Scheduler (Month End).
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Scheduled Tasks pane, and in the New Queue section, click Create New Queue.
  3. Enter a Queue Name, and set the Recurrence intervals and click OK to create the queue.
  4. Click and drag a task or report from the Available Tasks pane to the Add Task area of the new queue. A new window will open where you can customize the settings for specific task/report. Apply the settings and/or filters for the task and click OK.

  5. Add other tasks or reports to the queue as needed and then click Close to return to the Ledger.

Additional Tips

  • By default, there are some tasks already assigned to Daily, Monthly, and Yearly queues. To avoid performing tasks repeatedly by mistake, when making a new queue, make sure the task is only active in the queue you want.
  • Once all tasks and reports have been added and customized to a queue, choose a processing time for the queue to run, by entering a time in the Begin processing at field (at the bottom of the dialog box). Also, make sure that the checkbox next to the field is checked —the queue will not run unless this box is checked.
  • For more information watch the Month End and Task Scheduler video and read the Schedule Routine Tasks and Reports to Run Automatically article in the Dentrix Magazine online archive.

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