Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Modifying Image Documents within the Document Center

Updated 10/3/2019

The Dentrix Document Center is a wonderful tool you should be using to help eliminate paper files in your office. One of the best uses of the Document Center is to store images. Images can include not only digital X-rays, but scans of driver's licenses or insurance cards, or screen captures from oral imaging devices, or patient pictures you take with your office camera.

Within the Document Center you have a whole range of tools you can use to modify the documents once they are stored. Please note, though, that only image files (.jpg for example) can be modified. Text files, such as PDFs, cannot be modified.

A group of images within one filename is still referred to as a document, and can be assigned to multiple sources just like another document in the Document Center. Individual images within the group are referred to as "pages".

  1. With a patient selected in the Document Center, select an image document from the patient's document tree. The selected document appears in the Document Preview pane in the main Document Center screen.

  2. From the Document Center toolbar, click the Modify Document button. A row of buttons you can use to modify the document appears:

  3. To copy a document to the Windows Clipboard, with the document visible in the Document Preview pane, click the Copy to Clipboard button.
    To add another page to the document, click the Add Page button.
    To delete a page from the document, view the page in the Document Preview pane, click the Delete Page button, and click Yes to confirm.
    To alter the color, light, contrast, or saturation of a document, click the Image Adjustments button.
    To crop a document, click the Crop Image button, and expand a square over the document with your mouse. When you release the mouse, the document is cropped.
    To invert the colors of a document, click the Invert Colors button.
    To convert the document to gray scale, click the Convert to Grayscale button.
    To "clean up" the document by removing random spots, click the Remove Spots button.
    To rotate the document, click the Rotate button and select a rotation option from the list.
    To add a notation to the document as to the orientation of the mouth, click the Orientation button and select an orientation option from the list.
    To undo the last change you made to the document, click the Undo Change button.
    To undo all changes you made to a document, and return it to the last saved state, click the Undo All button.

  4. Modify the document as needed.
  5. When you attempt to click on another document or close the Document Center, you are prompted to save your changes. Click Yes to save the document.

For more information on modifying documents in the Document Center, see the Adding Pages, Adjusting Images, Cropping Images, Removing Random Spots, Rotating Images, and Orienting Images of the Mouth topics in the Dentrix Help.

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