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Joining Insurance Plans in Dentrix

Updated 10/3/2019

When multiple staff members enter patient information in Dentrix, there is a chance that duplicate information can be entered. One area where this can easily happen is with insurance carriers, group plans, or employers. Here are some general rules to follow when entering an insurance carrier in Dentrix:
  1. Look to see if the plan already exists in Dentrix.
  2. Enter the carrier name, plan name and group number as they appear on a patient's insurance card to avoid duplicate entries for the same plan with slightly different spellings.
  3. Because insurance carriers can be associated with different employers, be sure to enter employer information when applicable to help distinguish carriers with the same name.

If you find that you do have multiple instances of the same insurance carrier entered in Dentrix, you'll want to join the plans. Joining insurance carriers merges two carriers into one. In Dentrix, the Join Insurance Plans utility allows you to quickly move all subscribers from one insurance plan to another plan.

By joining the multiple instances of identical carriers in your database, it's easier to maintain your insurance plans. You won't have to update multiple plans, and as a result, you can avoid problems such as coverage table information being different, payment table overrides not being consistent, estimates not calculating correctly, etc.

For example: You discover than an insurance plan has been added into Dentrix twice. There are two identical carriers named Principal Financial Group with two different variations of the group plan name: Solutions Group (the correct name) and Solutions Group Plan (the incorrect name). You want to combine the two into a single, correctly named plan.

To join insurance plans:

  1. Close all Dentrix modules on all computers on the network.
  2. Open the Office Manager on a single computer and click Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance.

  3. Click Join Plans.

  4. In the Join Criteria group box, do one of the following:
    1. Employer-based - Select to move all subscribers attached to an insurance plan (source plan) linked to a specific employer to another insurance plan (destination plan) that is linked to the same employer.
      • Subscriber's Employer must match Insurance Plan employer field - (Optional) Select to move only subscribers who are assigned the same employer in the Family File.
    2. Plan-to-Plan - Select to join insurance plans regardless of employers.
  5. In the Select Insurance Plans to Join group box:
    1. Click the Source Insurance Plan search button. Select the insurance plan you want to move subscribers from, and click OK. (This is the plan you want to get rid of. In our example, that's "Solutions Group Plan".) 
    2. Click the Destination Insurance Plan search button. Select the insurance plan you want to move subscribers to, and click OK. (This is the plan you want to keep. In our example, that's "Solutions Group".)
  6. Click Join. A message appears asking you to confirm the change. To move all subscribers from the source insurance plan to the destination insurance plan, click Yes.
  7. A message appears at the completion of the merge, or if no subscribers matching the criteria associated with the Source insurance plan exist. Click OK.
Note: Joining insurance plans only changes the assigned insurance for the patient. It does not affect any claims previously created. Claims created in the future will use the new carrier information. Current open claims that have already been created will not be affected by the change.

Once you have joined the plans, you need to delete the now unused and "empty" plan so that it doesn't get assigned to more patients, and doesn't bog down your database. Take a look back at last week's Deleting Unused Insurance Plans in Dentrix post for details.

For more information, read the Joining Insurance Carriers topic in Dentrix Help, or the Maintaining Insurance Plan in Dentrix: 6 Things You Should Be Doing article in the Dentrix Magazine online archive.

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