Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Attaching Diagnostic Codes to Procedures in the Progress Notes

Updated 10/3/2019

The Patient Chart is a clinical record of patient care, and as such it must be completely accurate. To help maintain an accurate clinical record, Dentrix allows you to attach diagnostic codes to procedures using the Progress Notes toolbar. Diagnostic codes, however, cannot be attached to conditions, clinical notes, exams, or referrals.

To attach a diagnostic code to a procedure:
  1. From the Patient Chart's Progress Notes panel, click the procedure you want to attach a diagnostic code to.
  2. From the Progress Notes toolbar, click the Attach Dental Diagnostics to Selected Procedure button.
  3. In the Select Diagnostic Code(s) dialog box, from the Included Diagnostic Codes drop-down list, select a code category.
  4. From the list, select the appropriate diagnostic code(s), and click Add.

  5. Click OK. Dentrix attaches the diagnostic code(s) to the procedure and the letter "D" appears in the Diagnosis column of the Progress Notes panel.

  • If you print insurance claims rather than submitting them electronically, you must make sure to select a claim format (DX2012 for example) which supports the inclusion of diagnostic codes.
  • Dentrix versions G6.1 or later can automatically add ICD-10 diagnostic codes through a CDT Update utility.

See the Dentrix Help for more information on adding or editing dental diagnostic codes in Dentrix. You may also be interested in the Dentrix Does It video titled Diagnostic Codes on Dental Claim Forms.

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