Tuesday, May 3, 2016

What Are You Waiting For? Finding Unreceived Preauthorizations

Updated 9/13/2019

One of the questions frequently seen by our support team recently asks, "Is there a report we can run that tells us which insurance preauthorizations haven't been received yet?"

The answer is YES!

It's called the Preauthorization Aging Report (prior to Dentrix G6, this report was called the Pre-Treatment Estimate Aging Report), and you can generate it from the Office Manager.

To generate this report:
  1. From the Office Manager, select Reports > Ledger > Preauthorization Aging Report.

  2. Enter a Report Date, if needed. The current date is the default.
  3. In the Select Report Type group box, select whether to include Dental or Medical insurance preauthorizations.
  4. In the Select Patient group box, select the range of patients you want to include.
  5. In the Select Insurance Carrier group box, select the range of insurance carriers you want to include.
  6. In the Select Provider group box, select the range of providers you want to include.
  7. To include only preauthorizations sent within a specific number of days, select one of the options in the Minimum Days Past Due group box.
  8. Click OK to generate the report and send it to the Batch Processor.
The printed report contains the following information:

A. Insurance Carrier - Insurance carrier name and phone number.
B. Estimates - The preauthorization estimates submitted to the insurance carrier.
C. Aging Totals - The aged balances or preauthorizations included in the report.

For additional information, read the Preauthorization Aging Report topic in Dentrix Help.

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Unknown said...

I was wondering if there is a way to purge pre-authorizations that are several years old, no insurance estimate info entered on them and some attached to patients that are no longer active.

Thank you