Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Punching the Clock: Start Getting Paid in 4 Easy Steps

Updated 9/13/2019

In last week's Tip Tuesday post, we talked about how to set up the Dentrix Time Clock, by setting up the information needed for each employee.  Once that information has been set up and saved for each employee, they can begin using Dentrix to clock in and out for their shifts.

To clock in/out:

  1. Right-click the Dentrix Quick Launch icon, and from the menu, select Time Clock > Employee Clock In/Out.

  2. Select the appropriate employee and click OK

  3. The Current tab displays the current date, current user ID, last punch, and the current time. If the last punch was to clock out, the button is labeled Clock In. If the last punch was to clock in, the button is labeled Clock Out.
  4. Click Clock In or Clock Out and record any notes in the Note field if necessary.
For additional information on other time clock features, see the Viewing Clock In/Out Histories and Printing Time Clock Reports topics in the Dentrix Help.

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