Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Trying to Delete a Continuing Care Type But Can't?

Updated 8/23/2019

A frequent question from customers calling in to our Support department is this:

"I am trying to delete a continuing care type our office doesn't use but Dentrix displays a message stating that there are patient's attached to the type so I can't delete it. I ran a report from the Continuing Care module and don't see any patients attached to that type. What's going on?"

If an inactive or non-patient has been assigned the continuing care type you want to delete, then Dentrix won't allow you to delete the type. In addition, inactive and non-patients don't show on the continuing care list generated from the Continuing Care module. You can identify any inactive or non-patients assigned to a continuing care type by using the new Dentrix List Manager.
  1. From the Office Manager menu, click Letters & Custom Lists > Misc.

  2. Select Patient Report (by filters) from the list of letters and then click Edit.

    Note: Because Dentrix remembers settings from the last time the Patient Report (by filters) letter was used, you'll need to manually clear the filters in any of the fields by clicking the search button (>>) for the field, and then clicking the Clear and OK buttons to reset the filter.

  3. Once you have cleared all previous filters, in the Status group box, make sure the Patient, Inactive, and Non-Patient options are all checked.
  4. In the Continuing Care field, click the search button (>>) to open the Select Continuing Care Ranges dialog box.

  5. From the list, select the desired Continuing Care Type you want to find patients attached to.
  6. In the Include group box, select All.
  7. Leave the Due Date and Prior Treatment group boxes blank, and click OK to return to the Letter or Custom List Setup dialog box.
  8. In the Data Fields group box, check the Patient option and expand the list of options by clicking the + box. Check the items in this list that you want to appear in the list of patients you will generate.

    Note: Since you are generating this list with the goal of finding patients attached to this continuing care type, usually Last Name and First Name are all that is needed.
  9. Click OK to return to the Miscellaneous Letters & Custom Lists dialog box.

  10. Click the Open List Manager button. The Dentrix List Manager window opens and shows patients (including inactive and non-patients) attached to the continuing care type(s) you selected.
  11. Use this list to clear continuing care types from patients. Once you have cleared the type from all patients, you will be able to delete the continuing care type.

For more information on how to delete a continuing care type, please see the Deleting a Continuing Care Type topic in the Dentrix Help.

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