Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Viewing Primary (and/or Secondary) Insurance Notes in the Treatment Planner

Updated 8/23/2019

The Treatment Planner provides several options that make treatment case presentation easier and more effective. These options give your patients additional information about their treatment plans and may help patients decide to accept the treatment. Over the next few weeks, our Tip Tuesday posts will show you how to use these options in your treatment case presentations including dental insurance notes, insurance benefits, and dental plan maximums.

If you have been careful about noting exclusions and plan limitations in the Insurance Plan Note, you can view this information from the Treatment Planner. Insurance plan notes can provide helpful information about exceptions to coverage that a patient may not be aware of.

To view any notes attached to an insurance plan:

  1. In the Treatment Planner, select a patient.
  2. Click the Primary Dental Insurance Notes button on the Treatment Planner toolbar.

To view any notes attached to the secondary (if applicable) insurance plan, click the Secondary Dental Insurance Notes button.

You can add and edit insurance plan notes from the Coverage Table information for the insurance plan. To add or edit the note, go to the Office Manager and click Maintenance > Reference > Insurance Maintenance. Select the insurance group and click the Cov Table button. Then click the Notes button.

Add or edit the note for the insurance plan and click OK to save your changes for all patients assigned to that group plan.

Note: These insurance plan notes are only useful to you for treatment plan presentation if you are diligent about entering the information into Dentrix and keeping it updated.

For additional information, read the Setting up Coverage Tables and Editing Insurance Plan Notes topics in Dentrix Help.

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