Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Our 200th Tip Tuesday Post

In January 2012 we launched the Dentrix Tip Tuesday blog, hoping to give our customers a little Dentrix knowledge each week, and to share tips and tricks about the capabilities of the Dentrix software that people weren't always aware of.

Since then, we have given you a weekly dose of Dentrix 199 times, sharing a wide variety of tips and tricks spanning various Dentrix modules and features. When each tip is posted, in the fine print at the very bottom of the post there is a section titled Labels.  These labels indicate one or more of the eight Dentrix Mastery Tracks categories or sub-categories the tip fits into.

Each of the labels is a link to other tip posts that fit into the same topic category as the tip you've just read, helping you quickly find additional tip posts on related features and topics in Dentrix. 

So, for our 200th tip we thought we'd re-share the most popular Tip Tuesday posts in each Mastery Tracks category, based on the number of views, likes, and shares of our readers. Be sure to click on the Labels link(s) on each one to find even more related tips.

Most Popular Tip Tuesday Posts by Mastery Track Category

Billing and Accounts Receivable
Treatment Planning
We invite your feedback on our Tip posts. Leave a comment here on the blog post, or if you found the tip via our Facebook news feed, Twitter, or Pinterest, leave us a comment there. And don't forget to share the tips you like with other professionals in your social network.

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