Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Stop Scheduling Fake Appointments to Block Off Time in Your Schedule

Are you still scheduling "fake" appointments for John Doe in order to block out time in the operatory to keep patients from being scheduled there?  Well, it's time to stop! Schedule an event in Dentrix instead.

You can schedule an event (a non-patient "appointment") to block out time in the Appointment Book to close an operatory for a single day or up to a year. Events can include such things as staff meetings, vacation schedules, or holidays. Events can be manipulated much like appointments, for example adjusting the start time, the length, or even moving to the Pinboard.

Get a quick overview of how events work, including the steps to setting them up in Dentrix by watching the video below:

Scheduling events is one of the topics covered in our Dentrix Appointment Book Basics course taught at this year's Business of Dentistry Conference. Designed for new-to-Dentrix users, or those wanting to cross train between front and back office, we are offering Basics courses that focus on the Appointment Book, Family File, Document Center, Ledger, Patient Chart, Treatment Planner, Office Manager, and Continuing Care modules. 

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