Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Generating the Unscheduled Treatment Plans List

Updated 6/26/2019

Did you know you could have hundreds if not thousands of dollars in production lying in unscheduled treatment plans? With the Unscheduled Treatment Plan List, you can quickly identify patients with treatment-planned procedures that have been posted to the Patient Chart or Ledger, but not scheduled in the Appointment Book. You can also identify patients who will soon lose insurance benefits for the year if they aren't seen. Once generated, this list can be used to fill holes in your schedule, too.

To generate the Unscheduled Treatment Plans List:

  1. From the Office Manager menu , click Reports > Lists > Unscheduled Treatment Plans.

  2. In the Select Patient group box, select the range of patients you want to include in the list.
  3. In the Select Provider group box, select either Prov 1 from Family File to generate the list by the patients' default providers in the Family File, or Treatment Plan Provider< to generate the list by the providers assigned to the patients' treatment plans. Then select the range of providers you want to include.
  4. In the Select Treatment Plan Amount group box, enter a minimum value in the From field, and a maximum value in the To field to include only treatment plans with a specific value. To include treatment plans of any amount, select All Amounts.
  5. In the Select Report Types group box, select the type of report to generate. The Detailed Report will list information about the treatment plan and insurance benefits. The Condensed Report will only list the patients' name, amount of the treatment plan, and the phone number.
  6. In the Select Date Range group box, enter a date range for the treatment-planned procedures in the From and To fields. (Meaning treatment-plans created for patients within this date range.)
  7. In the Referral Procedures group box, select which treatment plans to exclude from the list.
  8. Click OK to send the report to the Batch Processor.

For help interpreting the list once it's generated, please view the following video:

For additional information, read the Mining for Gold: Three Reports for Searching Out Unscheduled Treatment article from the Dentrix Magazine online archive.

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