Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Viewing Appointment History

Dentrix tracks each time a change is made to an appointment and keeps track of what was changed, when, and if passwords are enabled, by whom. You can use this appointment history to see how many times an appointment has been rescheduled, who made a change that resulted in a problem, or when an appointment was originally created and scheduled.

To view the history of an appointment:
  1. Double-click the appointment you want to view to open the Appointment Information dialog box.

  2. Click the History button. The Appointment Information History dialog box appears. The date the appointment was originally created is listed at the top of the dialog box in the Created field.

  3. In the Modified Date panel, each time the appointment is modified, the date and time of the change is listed, along with the ID of the person who was logged into the computer that made the changes (if passwords are enabled in your office). Click on the past dates and times in this panel to see the what the information was prior to the change. Information that has been changed is listed in red.
Note: The Appointment History feature was introduced in Dentrix G4, Productivity Pack 7. Previous versions will not have the History button in the Appointment Information dialog box, and appointment history prior to this update will not be listed.

For more information about using the Appointment Information History feature see the Dentrix eNewsletter article titled Tracking Appointment Changes.

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