Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Attaching Another Patient to a Document

Updated 6/25/2019

With the Dentrix Document Center you have the ability to scan, capture, and import documents such as patient letters, EOBs (explanation of benefits), referral letters, and images (such as patient pictures and X-rays). You can attach these documents to patients, providers, insurance carriers, and referral sources.

There are times when you will want the same document to be attached to an entire family or to multiple patients. Instead of scanning the document multiple times in each patient's Document Center, you can attach multiple patients to the same document. For example, if you scan a guarantor's insurance card, you can attach it to all family members covered under that plan.

To attach another patient to a document:
  1. Open the Document Center and select the patient who has a document that should be attached to another patient.
  2. Right-click on the document you want to attach to another source and select Modify Document Attachments.

  3. Click the Patient search button and select the other patient(s) you want to add to this document.
  4. Click OK. The patient you attached will be listed in the Document Attachments list.

Bonus Tip:
In addition to attaching multiple patients to a document, you can attach providers, staff members, employers, insurance plans, and referrals. For example, if you have a letter referring a patient to an oral surgeon, you can attach that document to the patient, the provider who wrote the letter, and to the referred surgeon. A copy of the letter can then be found in each source's Document Center.

For additional information read the Modifying Document Attachments topic in Dentrix Help, or Managing Unfiled Documents in the Document Center in the Dentrix Magazine online archive.

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