Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Closing the Office on a Selected Day

Updated 3/23/2020

When you have to close the entire office for an extended period of time, or for holidays or other events, instead of just blocking off the operatories in the schedule, the best thing to do is to close the office on that day in the Appointment Book.

If you leave the office open and just block out time, the day will still be counted as available time on your reports and your weekly and hourly production totals will be lower than they should be.

When you close the day in the Appointment Book, the day will be grayed out and will give you a warning that the office is closed if you try to schedule something on that day.

To close the office on a selected day:

  1. From the Appointment Book, click Setup > Practice Schedule.

  2. Select the day the office will be closed, click the Office Closed button, and then click Close Office on selected date. The hours will be removed from the day and it will turn gray. The day will also be grayed out in the Appointment Book.
  3. Click Close to return to the Appointment Book.

Bonus Tip:  You can also close the office for holidays that occur on the same date every year (such as July 4th or Christmas Day). When you click Office Closed, click Set Yearly Holiday on selected day. Do not use this option for holidays that occur on the same day of the week each year, but not the same date (for example, Thanksgiving and Memorial Day).

For more information, read the Setting Yearly Holiday Closures and Closing the Office For a Day topics in Dentrix Help.

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