Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Searching for Payments

Updated 4/29/2019

Have you ever had to research an insurance payment that you know you entered into Dentrix, but you don't know who the payment was posted to? Or, have you ever had a patient call you to talk about a payment they made "earlier this year" that they have questions about?

You can use the Search Payments utility to find specific payments that have been posted to the Ledger without having to manually look through patient accounts or running reports. You can find payments using the information you have, such as check number, date, insurance carrier, payment type, amount, or guarantor.

To use the Search Payments utility:
  1. From the Ledger, click File > Search Payments.

  2. Enter the search criteria you want to use to search for the payment(s). You can combine several search criteria for a more precise search with fewer results.
  3. When you have entered your search criteria, click Search. Any payments matching your criteria are listed. Double-click any payment listed to open the Ledger for that patient so you can view the payment in more detail.

Want to see how to do it? Watch this video to see the process in action:

For more information, see the Searching for Payments topic in Dentrix Help.

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