Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Family File Time Savers

Updated 4/25/2019

Dentrix has lots of little time-saving features that really add up throughout the day. You can take advantage of several of those time savers when you enter new patients in the Family File.

  • In fields that require you to type patient information (Name, Salutation, Address, etc.), you don't have to capitalize the words you enter. Dentrix does that for you! Simply type the information and use the Tab key on your keyboard to advance to the next entry field (or manually click the next entry field), and Dentrix will capitalize the first letter for you. Note: The exception to this rule is the Email field, which won't automatically capitalize the first letter.
  • When entering information in date fields (Birthdate, Consent date, Visit dates, etc.) you can enter a string of numbers with two digits for day, month, and year without any spaces or punctuation (for example: 052376) and then Tab to the next field. Dentrix will automatically convert your entry to a corresponding date with a four digit year and appropriate punctuation (05/23/1976).
  • For the Phone and SS# fields, you can just enter a string of numbers and Dentrix will convert it into the appropriate groupings for you. Note: Phone numbers must include a 3-digit area code followed by a 7-digit phone number, and the SS# should consist of a 9-digit number for the automatic conversion to work properly.

As mentioned in the above tips, use the Tab key on your keyboard to advance through the different fields you need to fill out in dialog boxes, it will save you time in having to move your cursor to a new field with the mouse. Fewer clicks saves you time in the long run!

For more information, read the topics listed under Creating Accounts Overview in Dentrix Help.

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