Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Deleting Treatment-planned Procedures from a Case

When working with a patient's treatment plan, there may be times when you need to quickly edit or delete procedures from a case.

To edit or delete a procedure within a treatment plan case:

  1. From the Treatment Planner, select a patient.
  2. In the Treatment Plan Case Setup panel, expand the treatment plan case that contains the procedure you want to edit/delete.
  3. Double-click the procedure. The Edit or Delete Procedure dialog box appears.

    • To edit the procedure, make any changes needed within the dialog box and then click OK to save.
    • To delete the procedure, click the Delete button, then click OK to verify the deletion.
As an alternate method for deleting a procedure, you can simply right-click the procedure within the treatment plan case and then choose Delete Procedure(s) from the list of options.

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