Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Searching for Patients Scheduled Today

If you are using the new Select Patient dialog box,you can view a list of patients who are scheduled today or on a specific day. This makes it easy to see which patients are coming in without having to run a report or generate a Daily Appointment List from the Office Manager.

To search by appointment:

  1. From any patient specific Dentrix module, open the Select Patient dialog box.
  2. Click the Appointments tab. The appointments for today are displayed by default.
  3. In the Show appointments for drop-down list, select a different day if you want to see patients who are scheduled another day.
This tip comes from the 50 Things You Didn't Know Dentrix Could Do course offered at this year's Business of Dentistry Conference. This never-before offered course features tips from several areas of Dentrix including scheduling, billing and A/R, charting and treatment planning, patient information and documents, and reporting and practice defaults.

Visit http://businessofdentistry.com/dentrix/ for more information about the 2014 Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference, including information on how to register for the conference, conference speakers and agenda, and a complete list of Dentrix courses being offered. 

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