Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Navigating the Questionnaires Module

In order to effectively manage your patient forms, you must understand how to navigate and use the Questionnaires module. 

The Questionnaires List box lists the questionnaire forms that the selected patient has filled out. Based on the symbols and information contained in each column of the Questionnaires List box, you can see when the form was filled out, whether the Family File has been updated with the information in the form, whether the form requires a signature, if the for is expires, etc. 

The bullet points below explain the symbols and information contained in each column. 
  1. PI - This column indicates whether or not the patient information has been updated in the Family File. If this column is empty, the Family File has not been updated. A blue check mark indicates that the Family File has been updated. A dash in this column indicates the questionnaire form does not include patient information.
  2. Signed - This column indicates if the form requires a signature and if it has been signed. If this column is blank, the questionnaire form has not been signed. If this column has a signature icon, the questionnaire for has been signed. If the form contains all required signatures, the icon is red (see bottom three forms in image above). If not, the signature icon is gray (see top form in image above). If this column has a dash in it, no signature is required for the questionnaire form.
  3. Prov - This column indicates which provider is attached to the form, if any.
  4. Responses - This column displays the date the responses were entered for the form.
  5. Form Name - This columns displays the name of the form.
  6. ID - This column lists the identification number for the form. The ID number is assigned in the Questionnaires Setup.
  7. Form Date - This column displays the date the form was created.
  8. Category - This column displays the form category.
  9. Expiration - This column displays the date the form will expire and need to be filled out again. Expired form dates are red. Most forms do not have an expiration date set up by default, but you can add an expiration date in the Questionnaires Setup.
If you are viewing the Questionnaires module for all patients, you will see three additional columns:
  1. NP - This column displays a Y if this form is for a patient with a new patient appointment in the Appointment Book.
  2. Patient Name - This column displays the name of the patient whose information appears on the form.
  3. Web - This column displays a W if the form was submitted electronically via a kiosk or practice website.

You can sort by column by clicking on the column heading. By right-clicking, you can choose which columns to display and which columns to hide. You can also re-size and re-order the columns in the list box.

To learn more about how to manage completed forms in the Questionnaires module and how to update patient information using questionnaire responses, see the "Using the Questionnaires Module" tutorial (article #41849) in the Dentrix Resource Center, or sign up for the Paperless Patient Check-in with Dentrix and Kiosk course offered at this year's Business of Dentistry Conference.

Visit http://businessofdentistry.com/dentrix/ for more information about the 2014 Dentrix Business of Dentistry Conference, including information on how to register for the conference, conference speakers and agenda, and a complete list of Dentrix courses being offered. 

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