Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What does Head-of-Household mean in Dentrix?

When you add new patients to Dentrix, you need to designate someone in the family as the "responsible party." Dentrix refers to that person as the Head-of-Household (or Guarantor). As you are designating head-of-household, keep the following in mind:

  • The first patient added to a family is automatically designated as the head-of-household.
  • Dentrix addresses all account correspondence (billing statements, letters, etc.) to the head-of-household.
  • Dentrix attaches any financial transactions (payments, finance charges, etc.) not attached to a specific patient, to the head-of-household.
  • The head-of-household can be a non-patient.
  • The insurance subscriber for a family does not have to be the head-of-household.
For more information about adding new family account or how to change the Head-of-Household in Dentrix, see the "Adding new family accounts" or "Changing a head of household" topics in the Dentrix Help.

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