Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Setting up Fast Checkout Options

You've probably used the Fast Checkout button many times, but did you know that you can customize the tasks that are performed when you click it?

The Fast Checkout button, used as a patient checks out of your office, completes three important tasks all at once: it posts a payment, generates an insurance claim, and prints a receipt. You can customize these options to fit the needs of your office.

To set up your checkout options:
  1. From the File menu in the Ledger, click Fast Checkout Options Setup to open the following dialog box:
  2. Set up the tasks you want to perform when the Fast Checkout button is clicked in Dentrix. The following options are available:
    • Create Insurance Claim - Click this create an insurance claim for today's procedures, then mark where you want the claim to be sent:
      • Batch - Click to send the claim to the Batch Processor.
      • Send Electronically - Click to submit the claim electronically. You must first set up an eServices account to use this feature.
      • Print - Click to send the claim directly to the printer.
    • Enter Payment - Click to post a payment on the patient's Ledger.
    • Walkout - Click to create a walkout statement or receipt. Then, mark where you want the walkout statement to be sent:
      • Batch - Click to send the statement to the Batch Processor.
      • Print - Click to send the statement directly to the printer.
  3. To print appointment reminder labels for patients when they check out, click Print Appointment Reminder Label. The label will print to the label printer you have set up in the Office Manager (File > Printer Setup.) 
  4. To select checkout options for each patient because they tasks you perform at checkout vary, click Always Show Checkout Options.
  5. Click OK to save your settings. 
By setting up these options, you'll be guided through the checkout process, saving you (and the patient who is anxious to leave your office) time.

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