Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Understanding the Ledger Display

The Ledger is used to post completed procedures, create insurance claims, and enter payments. If you are new to using the Ledger it can all look like a big, jumbled mess. But once you understanding how to interpret the information, it all becomes clear.

The Ledger uses symbols and letters to indicate the following information:
  1. * - Indicates that the item is in history.
  2. + - Indicates that this procedure has been invalidated and will no longer appear in the Patient Chart.
  3. ^ - Indicates that the procedure has been back-dated to a month that has already been closed.
  4. >> - Indicates that the procedure has a procedure note.
  5. D - Indicates that a diagnostic code has been attached to the procedure.
  6.   - Indicates that the procedure can be cross coded for medical insurance.
  7. R - Indicates that the procedure is attached to a referral provider.
  8. No - Indicates that the procedure has not been billed to insurance but the patient does have insurance.
  9. X - Indicates that the procedure has been marked as Do Not Bill to Insurance. This symbol will be X2 if the patient has secondary insurance and the procedure has been marked Do Not Bill to Secondary Insurance.

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