Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Assigning A Default Provider for Continuing Care Types

Updated 9/27/2019

When setting (or editing) a patient's continuing care, you can assign a default provider for the continuing care type. Hygienists can assign themselves to be the default provider for specific continuing care procedures they typically perform.

For example, if a hygienist performs scaling and root planing on a patient, she can assign herself to be the default provider for that patient's perio maintenance. The patient will have a better experience when they return for perio maintenance because they are receiving consistent care from the same provider.<

This customization when assigning a continuing care type to a patient is also helpful in practices where hygienists are paid on production. By assigning themselves as the default provider for their patients' continuing care types, the hygienist can help ensure that her patients are being scheduled for appointments with her and not with another hygienist in the practice.

To assign a default provider, in the Set Continuing Care dialog box, mark the correct provider in the Provider group box. Prov1 and Prov2 are the patient's default providers in the Family File. If you are the patient's secondary provider, mark Prov2. Otherwise, mark the Spec option (which allows you to select a specific provider) and select yourself from the list.

For additional information, see the Assigning a Specific Provider for Continuing Care blog post.

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