Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Entering Batch Insurance Payments

Updated 9/27/2019

Did you know that Dentrix lets you post payments to multiple claims quickly and easily without having to open each patient's claim individually? The Batch Insurance Payment option in the Ledger lets you post payments and adjustments for all claims associated with an insurance check from one dialog box.

To use the Batch Insurance Payment option:
  1. From the File menu in the Ledger, select Enter Batch Ins.Payment.

  2. In the Amount field, type the total amount of the insurance payment check.
  3. In the Check # field, type the check number.
  4. In the Bank/Branch # field, type the bank or branch number. This number will also print on the Dentrix Deposit Slip.
  5. Under Insurance Type, select the appropriate insurance type.
  6. To select an insurance carrier, click the Insurance Carrier Name search button, search for the carrier from which you received the payment check, and click OK.
    Note: Any pending claims for the selected carrier appear in the Pending Claims list and Dentrix enters the group plan name and group plan number in the appropriate text boxes
  7. From the Pending Claims list, select the claim that you want to post, and click Post Claim. The claim appears in the Posted Claims list.
  8. Under Insurance Payment, click Next Check to process and post the next check OR under Posted Claims, click Generate Statements to generate a billing statement.

In addition, the Batch Insurance Payment feature automatically cross checks your payment for entry errors. When you're done posting the check, if the entered check amount doesn't match the paid amount you've posted, you'll see a warning message notifying you that there has been an error and allowing you to quickly find and correct your mistake.

For more information, read the Posting Batch Insurance Payments topic in the Dentrix Help.

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