Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Viewing Scheduled Production Amounts

Updated 9/27/2019

If you're setting daily production goals or you just want to see how productive your day is going to be, try viewing the Scheduled Production Amount in the Appointment Book. With this feature enabled, you can view your daily scheduled production amount just by glancing at the Appointment Book. It's displayed in the top right corner of the Appointment Book next to the Previous, Today, and Next buttons.

To enable this feature:
  1. From the Appointment Book menu click View.
  2. Select the view you're using and click Edit.
  3. Click the View Amount option and click OK.

  4. Repeat for any other views in which you want to see the daily schedule production amount.

Note: Dentrix rounds production amounts to the nearest dollar and camouflages them by adding a zero in front of the amount, making it less likely that patients will associate the number with revenue.

For more information, see the Setting up Views topic in Dentrix Help. 


hvldmd said...

Great tips.
What about daily collection per doc per rdh per any particular day?
Is there a way to track it?

Unknown said...

My appt book view only displays 00 after following the above instructions. Anyone know what I need to do?

Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...
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Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...

If you want to view Doc vs. RDH then you need to set up views for each set of providers. When you switch views the total will only be for the providers being displayed. Additionally, the Daily Huddle and/or Practice Advisor Reports have reports dealing production and collections by providers.

Are you attaching procedures to appointments? Without procedures Dentrix has no way to calculate the scheduled production for the day. Another issue could be that you are looking at days with nothing scheduled. If neither one of these is the case, I would put a call in to Customer Support as there may be another issue.

nassim said...

Have there been any updates to this feature??? I would like to look at a glance at the scheduled production for each column/provider. We have production goals for each individual and it is time consuming to go through the above process.


Dentrix Tips Tuesdays said...

@nassim There have not been any recent changes to the scheduled amount feature. The Daily Huddle Report and/or the Practice Advisor Report, including the provider details, will give you the specific actual production numbers per provider. Although the actual completed production number is a little bit different than the scheduled (anticipated) production number which the appointment book offers.

Jessica V. said...

@nassim I am with you! This would be a great feature for Dentrix to have. Production Per provider or op displayed above each op.